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Sports nutrition – multi-client study

Sports nutrition – multi-client study

Issued in August 2012, the 2012 UK Sports & Performance Nutrition report was a multi-client study for a number of European sports nutrition industry operators. It was produced by MultiSport Research in collaboration with specialist consultancy Bridge2Food in the Netherlands.

All data and insights contained in the 154 page report was gathered using internal market databases and primary research. In compiling the research, both MultiSport Research and Bridge2Food relied on relationships built across the industry and the goodwill and cooperation of companies active in the marketplace.

The report was born out of a request from the sports nutrition industry in 2011 at Bridge2Food’s Sports & Performance Nutrition conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, the industry requested a thorough and in-depth analysis of category trends – with the primary objectives being market/sector quantification and an analysis of year-on-year growth.

From November 2011 onwards, we conducted a series of interviews with key players in the UK sports nutrition industry. By January 2012, hundreds of brands were identified as having a presence in the UK market. We aimed to contact each and every one. This ensured as deep an understanding as possible of small scale through to large scale market operators.

We cross referenced data with retailers, contract packers and third party distributors to build up the market picture step by step. Face to face meetings and store visits were used alongside telephone interviews. To build goodwill with interviewees, an overview respondent summary was provided to all companies that assisted the research process.

In tandem with this detailed interviewing and primary research process, a comprehensive desk research exercise continued from January through to the end of July 2012. Company financials were also obtained to help validate company and brand totals.


Sports nutrition

Multi-client study