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Triathlon Industry Association (TIA)

Triathlon Industry Association

MultiSport Research has worked for the Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) to produce detailed insights on the British triathlon marketplace. We have conducted two major online surveys across the triathlon community in 2012 and 2013. The TIA research initiative provides analysis into:

  • Participation: ranging from when people started the sport to how active they are now
  • Expenditure: what, where and when people are buying and how much they spend
  • Demographic data: who are Britain’s triathletes and what else do they do?

The initial 2012 UK Triathlete Survey formed a baseline view of the triathlon landscape and ran from the end of November 2012 to early Feb 2013. A total of 3,800 survey responses helped provide a robust data set for next steps in the research process.

The second survey focused on triathletes’ participation and expenditure for the year 2013. This survey ran from late December 2013 to late Feb 2014 – with a total of 4,100 survey responses.

The UK triathlon market has built scale and delivered strong growth, with the market estimated at well over £300 million in 2013, delivering double digit growth on 2012. In building its estimate of the UK triathlon market, MultiSport Research drew upon the UK triathlete surveys of 2013 and 2012. A cautious approach was adopted when modelling revenue from the survey findings; and figures were cross-checked with trade interviews.

The revenue model aimed to address all key components of the spend on triathlon: from tri events, through to gear, coaching & camps, memberships of the national governing body and tri clubs. Triathletes’ membership of gyms and purchasing of tri specific magazines were also included.

While the UK tri market estimate did not aim to consider the total economic impact of triathlon (e.g. food & subsistence at events are not incorporated), the market overall is certainly sizeable. With healthy growth in events, memberships, nutrition, gear and training camps, there are encouraging signs across the tri marketplace for all stakeholders.

At a macro level, triathlon appeals to a broad cross-section of society. In tandem, it has attracted interest from individuals willing to spend big on gear – from accessories through to top-end tri ‘superbikes’.



Triathlon Industry Association (TIA)