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Endurance Sport Social Analytics – Gear & Media Report - Feb 2018


SAVE US$300!


Endurance Sport Social Analytics (ESSA): available as a bundle of two reports, the new ESSA Gear and ESSA Media reports are independent, comprehensive benchmarking tools specifically tailored for the endurance sport industry.


The ESSA Gear report lists 280+ endurance gear brands and plots their social media activity across the four main social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


The ESSA Media Report is relevant for endurance sport media titles (online/digital and print), and the brands that advertise with them. This report lists 74 endurance media brands and plots their social media activity across the four main social platforms.



Purchase of the report includes:


  • Comprehensive charts and brand tables, with key analysis and insights to get a full view of endurance sport gear & media companies' social activity
  • Examples of actual top performing posts across the four social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube). This applies to each of the main gear/product segents and media categories - to see for yourself what is resonating with the endurance sport consumer base
  • Along with the reports, purchase includes a download of a Excel data workbooks with all key KPIs for the 280+ gearcompanies and 74 media companies included, along with social links, across the 4 social platforms
  • Report purchaser-only webinars to answer key questions and discuss the report
  • Discount on other Endurance Sport Social Analytics (ESSA) Reports (updates and other category reports that are coming soon from MultiSport Research)


Report main benefits:


  • Competitive Intelligence – reports provide data and links for the main endurance sport gear brands and media titles so you can keep close tabs on who’s doing what, who’s leading in various areas, etc.


  • Improved Consumer Engagement - with thousands of posts/month by endurance gear and media brands (across the 4 platforms), you need to see first-hand and understand what is working best, so that you can improve visibility and better engage with your consumers


  • Cost Savings - large amounts are spent on advertising/boosted posts via social media, and using the data & insights in these reports will guide a more cost-effective and impactful social media strategy


The ESSA Gear & Media Report provides a combined overview of the key growth trends across each of the four main social platforms. Data includes a breakdown of: number of fans, average weekly growth, engagement, post interaction, post frequency, etc. 


Data is presented overall for the wider endurance sport category, and by each of the main social media platforms. The report then drills into...


    Main product sub-categories: 


    • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Bikes
    • Nutrition
    • Shoes
    • Software
    • Trainer/Electronics/Power
    • Wetsuits


    Main media sub-categories: 


    • Cycling
    • Run
    • Triathlon
    • General Fitness


    For each of these sub-categories, extensive analysis and social post examples are presented.


    • The sub-category analysis includes top 10 rankings according to reactions, number of fans, engagement, growth, etc.
    • Social post examples for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube showcase those posts with high levels of reaction and interaction by fans & followers.


    This combined reports package provides the most in-depth analysis on the critical success factors for building a brand in today's social media landscape. This repesents the most comprehensive study available on the fast-paced endurance sport category.


    This unrivaled study answers key strategic questions, such as:


    • How do we compare against our competitor brands?
    • What types of post are most likely to resonate with the endurance sport athlete community?
    • Which social channel offers the best route for a particular campaign?
    • What can we learn from social media activity undertaken by others?
    • What types of images, post text and subject matter is most successful?


    The ESSA Gear & Media Report answers these questions so that you can build & action key performance indicators for your next campaign. 


    As the only social media benchmarking study for the endurance sport category, this combined report is an invaluable tool for comparing social media profiles specifically for the endurance category. The report aids with benchmarking against competitor brands - as well as supporting best-practice for success in building up a social media presence.


    Further reports and data similar in nature are coming soon. These are specific to the endurance sports industry. Please drop us a line to find out further details, or with any questions you may have.




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