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The competition is hotting up for the multisport events landscape, with more and more events on offer. Our Event Services help event organisers meet these challenges head-on – providing deep understanding of athletes, spectators, sponsorship effectiveness and the positive economic impact an event has for the wider community.

  • Economic impact study: quantify the revenue generated by your event for the community
  • Athlete race feedback: comprehensive feedback from athletes and spectators
  • Race buzz monitor: scans of the media to report the buzz your event is generating
  • Sponsorship value report: quantify the value a sponsor receives from your event
  • Benchmarking: understand how your race budget compares to other races and identify cost savings
  • On-site event diagnostic: study of the event flow, delighters and difficulties at an event for athletes, spectators, staff and volunteers

“At MultiSport Research, our independent economic impact studies are built specifically for endurance sport events. We help race directors quantify the revenue, generated by an event, for the local community and wider region. This supports discussions with city authorities and other stakeholders.

In tandem, our comprehensive research into the athlete experience delivers insights that truly benefit the bottom line.”