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Quantitative & qualitative specialism

Within endurance sport, the consumer (age-group athlete) is the life-blood of the industry – signing up for events, buying gear and driving demand for products & experiences. We work with you, and consumers, to understand what makes the market tick and help to interpret the forces of change. Our many years of experience in consumer profiling help to map the array of age-groupers across sporting communities. This assists with product targeting, brand planning and new product development.

To deliver reach consumer insight requires a specialism in quantitative and qualitative methods – from athlete surveys to interviews and focus groups. A variety of areas may be covered to better understand the athlete/consumer:

  • Demographics: gender, age, countries, regions, education, occupation

  • Participation: activities, training/coaching, sporting origins, influences, goals

  • Frequency & Spend: product usage frequency, average spend, purchasing motivations

  • Brand Loyalty & Preferences: loyalty, product types, competitor brand profiling

  • Attitudes & Awareness: barriers, brand awareness, net promoter score (NPS), stance, buying criteria

  • Pricing & Packaging: attributes, opinion, attitudes

  • Influences & Channels: purchasing influences, preferred channels, retailers, omnichannel access

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