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  • Gary Roethenbaugh

Activities on-the-up in 2023 Garmin Fitness Report

(Article originally published on our sister site in January 2024.) Garmin has released its 2023 Garmin Fitness Report, which highlights fitness trends and exercise habits of Garmin users around the world – tracking activities logged via Garmin Connect in 2023.

‘From tried-and-true activities like running, cycling and walking to increasingly popular hobbies such as Pilates, HIIT and tennis, users logged more of nearly every activity in Garmin Connect in 2023 compared to the previous year.’

Key takeaways from the 2023 report include:

  • The top five activities were: running, walking, cycling, strength training and indoor cardio.

  • Customers logged 19% more activities using fitness equipment in 2023 with double-digit growth in strength training, stair climbing and elliptical activities.

  • HIIT activities skyrocketed – up 112% year-on-year.

  • Whether getting the miles in on foot or on two wheels, outdoor activities like walking, trail running, gravel cycling and e-bike riding rose to new levels.

  • A focus on mind, body and wellness was more apparent in 2023 as yoga, Pilates and breathwork activities all experienced double-digit growth.


The report found a significant 76% increase in track running, while HIIT activities logged were up 112% year-on-year globally in 2023. All types of running were on the increase in 2023 (versus 2022). Pinpointing a return to gyms last year, indoor running was up 15-16% versus outdoor running (+5% year on year) and trail running (+11%).

All types of cycling also saw an increase in activity frequency, as tracked by Garmin users. Here, gravel cycling (+45%) and e-bikes saw the biggest growth. Meanwhile, multisport activities – comprising triathlon, brick, custom, duathlon and swim-run workouts – saw an 18-19% uplift in 2023.

The report found that on average, UK Garmin users upped their daily step count from 9,191 in 2022 to 9,307 in 2023 – an additional 116 steps per day. That’s the same as running 57 marathons throughout the entire year and an extra 18 miles compared to 2022.

The report also highlighted that the average UK running pace (min/mile) was 09:17.5, with Ireland taking the top spot for speed at 09:00.5 (min/mile). The UK’s average running distance was 4.53 miles just shy of 0.91 miles when compared to France who claimed victory at 5.44 miles logged per run.



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