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  • Gary Roethenbaugh

Y11 acquires LimeLight Sports Club mass participation events

(Article originally published on our sister site in November 2023.) Y11 Sport & Media (Y11), a sport and media investment firm, has completed the acquisition of seven mass participation events from UK-based LimeLight Sports Club.

The acquisition means that LimeLight Sports Club’s mass participation events will now be managed under Y11’s Motiv Sports operation.

The events now managed by Y11 / Motiv Sports are:

Y11 notes that all participants who have purchased a spot for any of the upcoming events on sale for 2024 will be unaffected, and entries remain valid.

Motiv Sports runs many of the endurance and performance events acquired by Y11. The LimeLight Sports Club events will be operated alongside endurance events such as the Malibu Half Marathon, Portland Shamrock Run, New Jersey State Triathlon, Bay to Breakers, and Challenge event portfolio.

James Davies-Yandle, Founder and CEO of Y11 Sport & Media said “It’s hugely exciting for us to have taken over these iconic events, and we are very proud to be able to continue their legacy going forward.

“We believe that these events have the potential to not only remain as market leaders, but continue to further grow in popularity and impact, offering participants and communities the many holistic benefits that taking part can offer.”

He continued, “We are committed to providing participants with incredible and memorable experiences, while supporting and engaging with the local communities in and around the events. Through Motiv Sports we have demonstrated our capabilities to deliver sustainable and successful heritage events across the globe, and are excited about transitioning these events to our experienced and solid platform.”

A release from Y11 added… ‘Motiv Sports will now ensure that the events continue to deliver exceptional experiences for participants, aspiring to continue to provide premium and memorable events for participants of all abilities. Any future changes that might be made around these events are designed to benefit the overall experience for participants.’



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