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  • Gary Roethenbaugh

Tracking the global build-up of endurance sport fans on social media!

At MultiSport Research we are pleased to confirm the release of the first Endurance Sport Social Analytics (ESSA) report, which tracks & benchmarks the social media performance – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – of 280+ products across the international endurance sport landscape.

Analyzing data for the December 2017 to January 2018 period, the new ESSA report focuses specifically on global endurance sport gear brands that are active in key markets, from the Americas to Europe, Africa/Middle East and Asia/Australasia. Summary findings include:

  • 283 endurance sport gear brands tracked on social media, with 1,060 social media profiles, 45,000 overall posts and 81.3 million social interactions in the December to January eight-week reporting period.

  • With a combined 1,060 social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, there are a total aggregated 350 million fans. Across all profiles, actual fans are not mutually exclusive (i.e. one fan may subscribe to a brand via one or more social profile).

  • Facebook is utilised by all endurance sport brands tracked in the report and generates the highest fan base, at over 191 million endurance sport fans.

  • Instagram has the highest ‘endurance social engagement rate’ and highest growth in follower numbers, with approaching 135 million fans.

“The ESSA Gear Report provides the most in-depth analysis on the critical success factors for building an endurance sport brand in today's diverse social media environment,” said MultiSport Research founder and Managing Director, Gary Roethenbaugh. “It is the only comprehensive, social benchmarking study available on the fast-paced endurance category.”

The endurance gear brands covered in the ESSA Gear Report span 8 main product sub-categories, including: Accessories, Apparel, Bikes, Nutrition, Shoes, Software, Trainer/Electronics/Power and Wetsuits.

With analysis drilling down into each sub-category, the report helps endurance sport companies answer key strategic questions, such as:

  • How do we compare against our competitor brands?

  • What types of post are most likely to resonate with the endurance sport athlete community?

  • What can we learn from social media activity in other product categories?

  • What types of images, post text and subject matter is most successful?

MultiSport Research’s North America Director Kate Morefield said, “With around 23,000 posts per month by endurance gear brands – tracked across the four main social platforms – active operators need to see first-hand what is working best. This new report helps brands understand and improve their visibility, and ultimately engage better with their athletes.”

The February edition of the ESSA Gear Report also includes an Excel data workbook with all key KPIs for the 280+ companies included, along with 1000+ social links, across the four social platforms. The report is priced at US$650, and is available now via this site.

Established in 2010, MultiSport Research (MSR) specialises in market insight and analysis services for the global endurance sport industry. Our services are independent, vigorously researched & strictly confidential.

To help the endurance sport industry continue its path to growth, MSR offers a core suite of services. These include: category & market quantification; consumer insight; benchmarking & competitor analysis; event services; and consulting.

Alongside these services, the MSR team keep their finger on the pulse through our sister industry news site: Feel free to sign-up for daily e-mail news from and follow on social to check out the latest industry developments.

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